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Source: YouTube

7 One-Hit-Wonders You Need to Give a Second Chance


Being a "one-hit wonder" in the music world is kind of like having a scarlet letter branded on your chest. It's considered a career failure — they had one hit and they blew it. But there's more to it than that. Sure, there are several artists who got famous on gimmicky songs that couldn't sustain people's attention once the novelty wore off, but many other talented artists were merely victims of bad publicity, shady record labels, and just bad timing. 

It's time we let go of the notion that "one-hit wonders" are untalented failures. Below, a few artists that don't deserve that label. (Note: I'm using the word "one-hit wonder" loosely here. Basically, any artist who's only known for one hit song is fair game in my book.)

1. Jojo

Source: YouTube

Although it might sound cruel to describe JoJo as a one-hit wonder, it's technically true. Her debut single "Leave (Get Out)" was her only No. 1 hit, and although she had moderate success with "Too Little, Too Late," it never reached the top of the charts. In fact, JoJo was all set to be the next Britney Spears, but thanks to a 7-year long dispute with her label that kept her from releasing new music, she quickly vanished into obscurity.

Her former label, Blackground Records, wouldn't let her release her third album, and because she signed a seven-album deal, she couldn't be released from her contract. She was pretty much a prisoner at her own label. It wasn't until 2014 that she was finally freed from her contract and able to release her highly anticipated third album, but by then, many people had forgotten about her. 

 Today, many people just know her as "that girl that sang 'Leave' that one time." It's all criminally unfair, especially when you listen to recent singles like "Mad Love" or "FAB." If anyone deserves Ariana Grande-levels of fame, it's JoJo.