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Source: Getty Images

Here’s What It’s Like to Pour Wine for These 16 Celebs


If you truly want to judge someone's character, watch how they treat restaurant staff. And celebrities are no different — from the ones with weird demands to the ones that drop thousands on tips, here's how famous folks treat servers, according to the people who had the pleasure (or displeasure) of waiting on them.

1. Beyoncé

Source: Getty Images

In 2014 when Beyoncé was in Dublin for her world tour, she stopped by The Temple Bar for a drink. The famous pub's bartender, a man named John, said the experience was pleasant. "She said she liked the Irish Coffee," he said in a video. "I said, 'Well if you liked it, you should've put a ring on it.'" Beyoncé must've liked the exchange because she later plugged the bar on her Instagram.