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Source: Getty Images

9 Rappers You Had No Idea Are Now Tech Entrepreneurs

By Tiffany White

When rappers get big on their one gimmicky hit, whether it's Soulja Boy's "Crank That" or Chamillinaire's "Ridin' Dirty," they quietly disappear into irrelevance — or so you thought. The reality is that many rappers who haven't had a hit in a while have actually been hard at work taking over a different industry — the tech world. Seriously, you'll be surprised to learn how many rappers are now app developers, co-founders of tech companies, or outright making millions investing in Silicon Valley startups. I guess songs about "then superman dat oh" can only get you so far. Below, a few rappers who are now blowing up the tech game.

1. Chamillionaire

Source: Getty Images

Most remember him for "Ridin' Dirty," but these days Chamillionaire is a tech investor who's made chamillions investing in Makers Studios and Lyft. He also has his own startup app called Convoz, which he founded with music producer Nsilo Reddick. "I'm a rapper to a lot of people, but I'm also someone who is very entrepreneurial," he told Forbes about his pivot. "I started going to tech conferences when everybody else was chasing checks as rappers, trying to get on stage.... I was thinking, what happens if I break my leg today? What can I do to prevent me going back to the place of being poor? It led me to the world of venture capitalism. How are they making money? I decided I'm going to learn as much as I can." It seems to be working out for him.