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Source: ABC

Spoiler Alert: 'The Great American Baking Show' Is Not Filmed in America

By Anna Quintana

American television networks love taking successful British TV shows — like The Office and Shameless — and making them better (don't @ me), it's no surprise that The Great British Baking Show soon found its way on U.S. television screens in the form of The Great American Baking Show

Fans of the original, however, were quick to notice something peculiar about this particular American remake. Like, the fact that it's pretty obvious it is not even filmed in the U.S. of A. "I’m kind of annoyed that The Great American Baking Show isn’t filmed in America," one viewer tweeted following the premiere of the holiday special. 

So, where is The Great American Baking Show really filmed? 

Fans of the original GBBO probably recognize the tent the American bakers are filming in, which means the show is taped in England. More specifically, it is most likely filmed at Welford Park, a private home in the English county of Berkshire.