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Source: cbs

'God Friended Me' Fans Are Praying for a Season 2


When God Friended Me debuted, I remember thinking to myself, "Wait, is this premise of the show exactly what I think it is?" And the answer is yes: it's a show about someone who gets a friend request from God. Like any good show, there's a level of conflict deeply rooted in familial relations.

The show's star, Brandon Micheal Hall, plays a podcaster who's the son of a reverend. He's also an outspoken atheist.

So, one can understand where the bulk of the show's drama lies. You have a young man who's all like, "God doesn't exist." And then God comes out of nowhere and is like, "Yes I do exist, and I have a Facebook account. Yes I understand that only old people use Facebook, but in my defense I'm like the oldest thing ever of all time. The Alpha and Omega and such."