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Source: 20th century fox

These "Christmas" Movies Are Perfect for People Who Don't Like Christmas Movies


Just because you love Christmas time doesn't mean you love Christmas movies. Some people enjoy the straight-to-TV (or Netflix) productions that capitalize on all the warm and fuzzy feelings folks have for the holidays. And there's nothing wrong with that, but there are some of us who'd much rather be killed by a Daewoo Lanos or dropped from the roof of Nakatomi Plaza than sit through that saccharine swill.

So what's a person who loves Christmas to do when it's time to snuggle up, settle down, and watch a movie that's got just the right tinge of yuletide cheer without a plot that'll make your eyes roll so hard you go blind?

Turn on one of these non-Christmas movies instead.

'Die Hard'

Source: 20th century fox

This is the obvious winner, by far. If you've never seen the movie, one: you're probably an alien from a foreign planet and we're on to you. Two: go and watch it right now. It's the reason Bruce Willis is who he is in entertainment and why the divorced-down-on-his-luck-but-good-at-his-job-and-tough-as-nails-cop genre became saturated with so many titles. Recent developments have "officially" named this film a Christmas movie, but thankfully it doesn't carry the often-lame connotations that some other "Christmas-Christmas" movies fall under.

Plus, it was Alan Rickman's first major role and he ends up portraying one of the most memorable action film villains of all time. RIP Snape, RIP Gruber.