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Source: Netflix

11 Netflix Christmas Movies That Are Basically Unwatchable (But I Watched Them Anyway)


For years we’ve grown a love-hate relationship with cheesy (we’re talking mozzarella on cheddar on provolone level cheesy) Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies. But once Netflix took over that market with films like A Christmas Prince and Christmas Switch, the instant access of holiday cheese has put us in a dairy overload. And let me tell you: most of the Christmas movies on Netflix are objectively terrible, whether they’re legitimately produced by the streaming service or just swinging by for the holidays. Let me tell you something else: my roommate and I have watched most of them anyway, so we can personally vouch for their sometimes-enjoyable-but-mostly-not brand of awfulness. Below, 11 Christmas movies on Netflix that are full-on yuletide cheese.

1. 'A Christmas Prince'

Source: Netflix

Because of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement and subsequent wedding, A Christmas Prince is probably the most mainstream and least mediocre Netflix Christmas movie out there right now. You know what else it is? Aggressively unmemorable.

I say this mostly in reference to the sequel (which we’ll touch in a minute) and how the entire time I recognized zero characters. Seriously, the second movie has one dead-eyed man lurking in the shadows from the first film, and my roommate and I were like, “Who the hell is he?” and later “OH, he was in the first film?”

It was the primary antagonist.

Aldovia is also a dumb name for a country, and I’ve watched The Princess Diaries 40 times, don’t @ me.