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Hollywood Kleptos: Stars Who’ve Shoplifted and Weren’t Afraid to Admit It


Everyone knows someone who's shoplifted, but typically we don't expect them to boast or brag about it — especially if they're famous. Fortunately for us, some celebs are just too eager to spill their dirty secrets, from Nailed It's Nicole Beyer's tale of getting thrown in Macy's jail to Amy Schumer admitting to grand larceny. Here's all the celebs who have shoplifted and are weirdly unashamed of it.

1. Amy Schumer

Source: Getty Images

The comedian used to be a huge shoplifter back in the day and has admitted to stealing $100,000 worth of stuff.

"I started just with my girlfriends—we would steal a bathing suit or some makeup or I don't know—and then I just got more serious about it," she explained to GQ. "It became grand larceny when I was in college. I just discovered this department store where you could just take whatever and then return it for cash—no tags, no receipt, nothing. You know, thousands of dollars. It was exciting. It was the adrenaline—the actual act of getting away with it. It wasn't about the money, even though the money was nice. And I didn't feel bad about it—it was this huge corporation. You know, I never stole from people. I never stole from a little store."

However, she got caught stealing at Bloomingdale's when she was 21, which forced her to give up her stealing habit.

"It felt really bad, being arrested," she said. "You have no say. And it was embarrassing. I was relieved because I got caught doing this other thing—had they caught me for the thing I'd been doing for years and years, I would probably have had to do time. So, relieved actually. But it sucked."