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Source: CW

Iconic TV Love Triangles Where the Clear Winner Is No One

By Mary Grace Garis

In television, relationships are often anchored by three things: passion, drama, and options. If you want to keep fans interested, there’s no easier way than inciting a ship war with a torrid love triangle. Though people pick their battles — Jess or Dean? Angel or Spike? — sometimes it really feels like both options should be untouched, usually for the sake of a beloved, otherwise problem-free female protagonist. Below, iconic TV love triangles where maybe everyone should look for love elsewhere.

1. Rory, Dean, and Jess: 'Gilmore Girls'

Source: CW

I’ve gone on the record saying I’m Team Jess here and there, partially because he’s a witty, dynamic character who shows a lot of growth, while Dean’s biggest selling point is that he’s tall. Season 2 is certainly spiced up when Jess arrives in town and woos Rory with his dangerous ways and ability to leave. But when Rory and Jess finally get together, all he does is show his dirtbag slacker tendencies before fleeing town. By the time Rory and Dean reunite, he’s a married townie and she’s just making poor judgement calls after a rocky first year at Yale. 

Honestly, once I hit season 5 in my annual Gilmore rewatch, I was practically rooting for Logan. That is sick. Sick, I tell you. 

Bonus Year in the Life Round: Adult Jess Mariano is definitely too good for Grown-Up Rory Gilmore, and they’re sort of step-cousins now, so nix that.