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Source: A&E

Meet the Fan-Favorite Officers From 'Live PD'


If you loved watching Cops growing up, then you'll definitely be hooked on the A&E reality series Live PD. The show follows officers across the country — from both urban and rural communities — as they patrol. Live PD also features an in-studio host, Dan Abrams, as well as two analysts: Sean Larkin, a full-time police officer, and Tom Morris, a crime reporter. These pros give real-time insight to viewers on what they are seeing. 

What also makes Live PD different from other reality police procedurals is that the majority of the footage comes from a "mix of dash cams, fixed rig and handheld cameras." So, who are these officers we are seeing in action? Check out some Live PD cast favorites below: 

1. Sean "Sticks" Larkin

Source: Instagram

Along with being a full-time police officer in Tulsa, OK, Sgt. Larkin is also analyst on the A&E series. He is also the host of PD Cam, which gives fans an officers' POV thanks to body cameras, dash cams, helicopter footage, security/surveillance cameras and citizen journalists’ personal mobile phones. 

"I get a kick out of these idiots who try to burglarize businesses or homes. They come in through a roof, and they fall through [it]," he said of the footage. "All of a sudden you just see this body drop through the ceiling and land on one of the counters or something and it’s like, That’s what they get. I crack up every time." 

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