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Source: Instagram

9 Times Celebs Were Accused of Photoshopping Pics of Their Own Kids


Everyone knows celebs like to edit pics to make their thighs look slimmer or their faces perfectly smooth — and I can't blame them, because, hey, I would do that too. However, sometimes celebs' controlling need to look perfect on social media extends to their children, and it gets a little creepy. From the Kardashians to other reality stars (although it's mostly the Kardashians), celebs have been caught several times Photoshopping away their kids' "flaws." Frankly, I'm done with this world. Below, the biggest offenders.

1. Kim Kardashian

Source: Instagram

Unsurprisingly, this list is full of Kardashians. They're often caught editing pics of their own bodies, which is slightly comical but not terribly alarming. But when Kim was accused of Photoshopping her 5-year-old daughter North, the Internet was understandably horrified. In Kim's edited pic, which she posted on her Instagram, she appeared to have made North's stomach flatter and her head smaller. However, according to a "source" who spoke to The Daily Mail, Kim accidentally shared the Photoshopped pic after seeing it on a fan account and didn't actually edit the photo herself. I hope for North's sake that's true.