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Source: Instagram

'Extreme Love's Pregnant Man and Partner Welcomed a Baby Boy Into Their Lives

By Pippa Raga

Each week, WE's Extreme Love looks at unconventional couples — from real-life vampires to sister wives — and tells the story of their unusual and unexpected relationships. Tonight's episode will center in part on the story of Wyley Simpson, 28, and Stephan Gaeth, 27, a gay male couple who became naturally pregnant with their biological child.

"I am a man and I am actually pregnant," says Wyley in a teaser for Friday's show. The couple, who met on Grindr, fell in love at first sight. In the video, Stephan gushes about how Wyley's bio said "country boy, loves animals, vegan," and Wyley, in turn, reveals what made him fall in love with Stephan on their first date: "I loved how he dressed, I loved how he acted, I loved his demeanor, his personality."

Source: WE