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Source: WE

Monica From 'Extreme Love' Is Now Living Her Best Life


Originally a web series by the same name, Season 1 of Extreme Love has just begun on WE tv and it tells the stories of unconventional couples who forge relationships against all odds. The show bills itself as portraying "shocking and outrageous" love stories "with a twist" that proves "there's someone for everyone" — and this week's episode will focus in part on 700-lb Monica Riley, whose goal is to be rendered immobile at her dream weight of 1,000 pounds and be taken care of solely by her fiancé, Sid.

In a trailer for this week's Extreme Love, we see the self-proclaimed "feedee" open up to her mom in a scene that leaves the mother teary-eyed. "You know how Sid likes to feed me a lot of food?" she asks, "the ultimate goal is to like, be a thousand pounds and eventually be like, where Sid takes care of me 24/7." "That's what makes me happy," she continues.