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Source: instagram

4 Celebrities Who Got Accused of Bodyshaming with "Fitspo" Posts


It's not hard for me to feel physically inadequate. All I need to do is log into social media and scroll through countless fitness models and muscular dudes doing workouts that seem impossible as sweat glistens and rolls down their perfectly sculpted abs.

Usually it inspires me to work out and eat a bit healthier, which I have been doing, but no matter what, I always feel like there's someone bigger, stronger, leaner, more vascular, and just all around sexier than I am. I mean, no matter how good I look or how hard I work, I'm never going to be Jason Momoa — it's just not going to happen.

I don't let it get me down that much, because that's not something I can control so I just "gotta do me", as the cool kids say. But for some, it's not that simple, and they see the constant "fitspo" posts on the internet as a huge negative or an indirect form of bodyshaming.

Source: instagram