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Source: Hallmark Channel

'A Christmas for the Books' Star Chelsea Kane Skinny-Shamed by Internet Grinches

By Anna Quintana

This year on the Hallmark Channel, the holiday movie to watch is Christmas for the Books, starring Chelsea Kane and Drew Seeley. 

The story revolves around Chelsea's character, Joanna Moret, who believes her bestselling book "The Love Audi" has the secret for ending holiday loneliness. However, when she is tasked with throwing a holiday gala, she turns to morning show producer Ted (played by Drew) to pretend to be a couple so she's not exposed as a fraud. We can only imagine what happens next... 

Unfortunately, there are already a few grinches on the internet determined to criticize Chelsea's weight instead of spread Christmas cheer — or at least try to enjoy a cheesy Christmas movie for what it is. 

"I’m trying but I just can’t. I’m shocked at Chelsea Kane’s weight. I watch all the Hallmark movies and love them but... not this movie," one Hallmark enthusiast negatively shared.