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Source: E!

Wait, What?! The Truth Behind ‘Botched’ Covering Your Plastic Surgery Expenses

By Gabrielle Bernardini

It's hard to believe that there have been five whole seasons of Botched, but the latest season promises to be filled with even more OMG moments — and we're ready. The show follows two top-notch plastic surgeons in California, Dr. Terry Dubrow, 60, and Dr. Paul Nassif, 56, who help people who have had past surgeries gone wrong.

Each patient on the show has an emotional explanation as to why they need their previous work fixed. These personal stories will range from multiple surgeries gone wrong in the past to getting operations done by untrained professions to going overseas to cut costs on pricey American procedures. This reality show has seen it all.

The doctors are usually willing to take on these high-risk patients, many of whom have been turned away by other doctors due to the extent of the cosmetic damages, but most fans still wonder if Botched pays for the extensive surgery — or if the patient has to cover the expense.