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Source: Getty Images

12 Stars Who Held Low-Key Depressing Day Jobs Before Hitting It Big


Before you could attain viral fame as 9-year-old YouTube star,  it was common practice to work questionable gigs until your entertainment career took off. For some celebrities, that meant juggling jobs as fast food employees, telemarketers, and corpse hairstylists. Ready to feel better about your day job? Below, the unglamorous roles celebrities took on before they made it big.

1. Jennifer Aniston

Source: Getty Images

Before nabbing her role on Friends, Jennifer Aniston had a painful stint as a telemarketer.

Think of what a nightmare it is to even answer a phone call today (I let that nonsense go straight to voicemail and follow up with a “sorry, in a movie, what’s up?” text). Suffice to say, it sounds awful. 

"I was in telemarketing, and thank God that was only two weeks," she said of the time. "I was awful, selling timeshares in the Poconos and upsetting people terribly and me just being the worst at it, because I just apologized profusely and hung up the phone. They see people like me and they're like, 'Oh, she's good, because she doesn't understand that it's a scam! She'll be great — the perfect salesperson.’”

So she was pretty much what Rachel Green was to waitressing. I think what’s important that they both managed to thrive in their careers later in life.