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Source: WE

'Extreme Love's Adult Baby Jess Has Found a New Daddy

By Pippa Raga

Each week, WE's Extreme Love takes us into the lives of couples who lead unconventional relationships — to put it lightly. From pregnant males to feeder couples, the show, which originally got its start as a Barcroft web series, profiles "shocking and outrageous" love stories "with a twist" to drive home the point that "there's someone for everyone."

Tonight's episode will focus in part on adult baby, Jess, who together with her boyfriend and "daddy," David, plays out her Adult Baby/Diaper Love (ABDL) fantasy. You know, in a totally normal, non-sexual way. 

"For me, there's nothing sexual about my age play, or anything like that," she explains in a teaser clip. And as for the 205,000 subscribers to her YouTube account, Jess chalks it up to "all kinds of people" tuning in "for different intentions or purposes."

Source: WE