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Source: Discovery

Charlie From 'The Last Alaskans' Has Fans Calling Him Their New TV Boyfriend

By Anna Quintana

To survive in Alaska takes plenty of skill — and it seems The Last Alaskans viewers are more than impressed with the youngest star of the Discovery series, Charlie Jagow

The 20-year-old is literally the last Alaskan on The Last Alaskans, and along with flying his own plane and hunting in the great outdoors, Charlie is also building a cabin from the ground up. 

So, it is no surprise Charlie has fans calling him their new TV boyfriend. "Charlie Jagow from The Last Alaskans is the kind of man I aspire to be with," one viewer tweeted before another added, "I wanna marry Charlie from The Last Alaskans. A dude who can survive in the cold hard wilderness alone. Jesus what’s more attractive... nothing."