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Source: Facebook

Glenn Villeneuve's Blended Family Steals the Spotlight on 'Life Below Zero'

By Anna Quintana

On this season of Life Below Zero, regular Glenn Villeneuve is leaving Fairbanks — and bringing his family along.

The Alaskan resident is a father of three, including his now 15-month-old daughter Agatha with his partner, Trisha. However, Glenn is also the proud dad to kids Willow Leaves and Wolf Song with his ex-wife. Trisha also has a daughter named Amelia from a previous relationship.

The blended family is a highlight of the National Geographic series, which shows how others live in the sub-zero temps. For Glenn (age 49), that means moving his family from a cabin in Fairbanks to a cabin in Brooks Ranges —  in the winter the average low temperature is 22 below zero — for half the year. In the past, he's spent those months alone.