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Source: TLC

'Family By the Ton' Star Amanda King Just Signed up for Her First 5K — See Her Today!


When we first met Amanda King on Family By the Ton, she was battling endometrial cancer, and determined to drop under 600 pounds to qualify for bariatric surgery. 

"I was diagnosed with cancer in October 2016," the 37-year-old told cameras. "I have no idea if it's growing, I have no idea if it's spread. I don't know. Endometrial cancer is caused, in some part, by being obese, so I feel like I did it to myself. Or maybe it's my punishment for abusing my body. In order for me to have the surgery to remove my cancer, they invert you on the operating table, so right now if they did it, all of my weight would essentially crush my organs and I would stop breathing until it killed me. So I need to lose half my body weight before I can have surgery for my cancer."