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'Family By the Ton' Has Its Very Own (and Much Younger) Dr. Now


Apr. 16 2020, Updated 4:50 p.m. ET

There's a new bariatric surgeon in town and his name is Dr. Charles Procter Jr. While My 600-lb Life has fan-favorite Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, aka Dr. Now, to guide his patients as they attempt to lose life-changing amounts of weight, Family By the Ton has introduced viewers to Dr. Procter. 

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This season on the TLC reality series, the Georgia-based doctor will be working with the King family, particularly Amanda, who along with needing to lose weight, is also battling endometrial cancer — something she can't even attempt to fight unless she loses enough weight to undergo the life-saving surgery. 

"I was diagnosed with cancer in October 2016," the 37-year-old told cameras. "I have no idea if it's growing, I have no idea if it's spread. I don't know. Endometrial cancer is caused, in some part, by being obese, so I feel like I did it to myself. Or maybe it's my punishment for abusing my body. In order for me to have the surgery to remove my cancer, they invert you on the operating table, so right now if they did it, all of my weight would essentially crush my organs and I would stop breathing until it killed me. So I need to lose half my body weight before I can have surgery for my cancer." 

This prompted Amanda to reach out to Dr. Procter, who agreed to help her once she dropped below 600 pounds. 

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dr charles procter jr
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So, who is Dr. Charles Procter Jr.? 

Turns out, Dr. Procter, whose dad is also a bariatric surgeon, did not want to go into medicine initially. "Growing up with my father as a surgeon, I saw the long hours he worked and told myself I would never do that. I was eventually drawn to medicine, and the specialty of surgery. Towards the end of my training, I thought I wanted to become a trauma surgeon. It was my father who talked to me out of that and actually trained me in bariatric surgery," he told TLC. "After marrying my wife, that was the best decision I ever made. Bariatric surgery is a wonderful field because it is technically challenging and gives me the opportunity go on an amazing journey with my patients. To see someone's life make such a radical change in a positive direction over and over again is the best job in the world!"

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Right now, Dr. Procter has his practice, Beltline Bariatric and Surgical Group, in Atlanta, and has gotten some rave reviews from past patients, which could explain how he ended up on the reality series. "Dr. Procter is an excellent physician. He makes eye contact and appears to really care about his patients," on patient wrote. "As a nurse, this behavior is rare and patients deserve a physician like Dr. Procter!" 

Another added, "Dr. Procter is hands down the BEST bariatric surgeon in GA (in my opinion in the world)...  Starting this process I was very very ill, Dr. Procter educated me, took me under his 'angel wing' so to speak, and led me towards greatness and a life I felt was soooo out of reach for me to obtain along with good physical and mental health. Thank you Dr. Procter and Beltline Bariatrics for giving me the education, tools, along with your gifted skillful hands and knowledge. I wouldn't be alive today without you." 

dr charles procter jr
Source: Facebook
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Dr. Charles Procter Jr.'s tips and advice for weight loss: 

What does Dr. Procter recommend for those hoping to follow in Amanda's or other weight-loss patients' footsteps? First, it's important to remember bariatric surgery is not a quick-fix solution. Instead, he urges patients (and would-be patients) to focus on making long-lasting changes to the way they eat and their lifestyle in general to ensure they can maintain weight loss following surgery. 

His signature liquid diet is also not a magic formula. "While [a liquid diet] will cause some weight loss, the more important thing it does is decrease the size of the liver which stores a LOT of fat," he explained. "The diet I ask for mainly consists of 60-90 grams of protein in the form of smoothies or protein shakes/day, non-fat soups, low fat cottage cheese, oatmeal, and, occasionally, a single meal of baked fish, baked chicken and steamed vegetables. A liquid diet is really a "crash diet" and it is only intended to allow for some quick weight loss just before surgery. It should not be used as a long-term weight maintenance plan." 

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dr charles procter jr
Source: Facebook

But don't worry. Dr. Procter is not letting his newfound fame change the way he approaches his "day job." 

"My life hasn't really changed. I still go to work everyday and I am extremely lucky to work with the team you see on TV," he added. "My wife and I DVR the show (I'm usually tired after operating on Wednesdays and have to get up early to operate on Thursday as well). Even though we've recorded all the episodes, I don't think my kids have even watched the show yet. I'm grateful to TLC for raising awareness for bariatric surgery. Too many people don't realize just how unhealthy they are and that help can be just around the corner." 

Watch Dr. Procter on Family By the Ton Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on TLC. 

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