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Source: Instagram

The Best ‘Jane the Virgin’ Theories Heading Into the Fifth and Final Season (SPOILERS)

By Gabrielle Bernardini

It’s hard to find a show that makes an impact on our society’s culture. And, it’s even worse when you have to say goodbye. The final season of Jane the Virgin will be airing this March, and fans are sad to watch the characters and storylines they’ve become so invested in, hit their final mark. 

With Season 5 marking the end of Jane Villanueva’s (played by Gina Rodriguez) story the audience is still left with many unanswered question as we head into the finale season. The biggest being: WTF! Michael is alive?

The CW show has never been one to shy away from crazy plot twists or complicated storylines. However, when Jane’s deceased husband Michael — who died of heart complications in Season 3 — is shown as alive during the Season 4 finale, we couldn’t contain the expletives that came out of our mouths.