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Meet Jane, Who Together with Her 9 Personalities, Will Star in A&E's 'Many Sides of Jane'



Move over Toni Collette, there's another show coming out about Dissociative Personality Disorder (DID) that promises to be realer and better than United States of Tara. Many Sides of Jane is A&E's latest docuseries and you won't want to miss the premiere when it airs tonight. 

Many Sides of Jane follows Jane Hart, a 28-year-old mother of two, who was recently diagnosed with the condition many still know as Multiple Personality Disorder. It follows her journey to understand what caused her DID and how she can excel as a parent while co-existing with her many identities. 

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Is Dissociative Identity Disorder real?

Previously called Multiple Personality Disorder, DID is characterized by a person exhibiting two or more distinct personality states. It's a super rare condition that only affects about 1-3 percent of the population, but it's also totally real. 

Unfortunately, because the disorder is taught as a "controversial and very rare" condition, many professionals have taken to discrediting the illness, saying that individuals who suffer from DID are just acting out and not actually displaying multiple personalities. 

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This controversy is what propelled Jane Hart into the spotlight. First, she penned an essay a few years back about her very real experiences with the condition, and was later contacted by A&E to film a special on her rare condition. DID is often caused by abuse at a young age and the different identities can help a person cope with their traumatic memories.

Jane's disorder was likely triggered by repeated childhood trauma, and these days, she's taken it upon herself to become the subject of this very intimate docuseries to show doctors, as well as the public at large, what it's like to live with this trying condition.

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How many "parts" does Jane have?

According to teaser clips and trailers ahead of tonight's show, it seems Jane has at least nine separate identities, or "parts," as she calls them. These range in age from 6-28 years old, and one in particular, Jaden, is aged 11. Jane recalls that this was around the age she was abused, and posits that Jaden might be the identity that protects Jane's memories from around that age.

In an interview with the Today Show, Jane even revealed that one of her "parts" is a lesbian, though she herself is a heterosexual female. "The goal is not to get rid of my parts," she explained, but to make her disparate identities work better in unison. She also wants to get rid of the stigmas, which she calls "really thick," around the condition and to give others an intimate, unfiltered look into her journey.

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Here's how to follow Jane on Instagram.

We expect Many Sides of Jane is only the first look we'll be getting into this brave mother's life. After all, she herself just began exploring her condition and is starting to uncover the traumas that caused her Dissociative Identity Disorder.

If you want to follow her intimate journey alongside the A&E series, check out the self-proclaimed "human information sponge" on Instagram. She shares her day-to-day life as a mother and as someone working to come to terms with their traumatic past. From the looks of her page, you might not even imagine she struggles to contain nine distinct alters.

Don't miss Jane's story tonight and Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on A&E.

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