12 Forgotten Reality TV Sidekicks — Where Are They Now?

From Kim Zolciak's assistant Sweetie to Bobby Trendy, here's what the former friends of reality stars are up to these days.


Apr. 16 2020, Updated 12:51 p.m. ET

Source: Bravo

Being the friend of a reality star is one of the best gigs you can get on TV. You get all the perks of being famous without having to sacrifice 100 percent of your privacy. The downside, of course, is that you don't get paid as much, and if you have a falling out with your famous bud, you get banished from the show. From Kim Zolciak's assistant Sweetie to Bobby Trendy, here's what 12 former reality TV sidekicks are up to these days.

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1. Lo Bosworth — 'Laguna Beach', 'The Hills'

lo bosworth
Source: Getty Images, Instagram

As Lauren Conrad's best friend in both Laguna Beach and its spin-off, The Hills, Lo Bosworth was the typical sidekick. She made snarky jokes, threw copious amounts of side-eye, and wasn't afraid to toss the occasional insult at a rival. So it was no surprise when The Hills started featuring her more in the later seasons. Unfortunately, Lo didn't have good things to say about her time on the show and even admitted she had to have "years of therapy" after leaving the small screen.

"I'm in a different place with my life," she told Us Weekly. "I think that there were some people on the show that have gone on to great success and we're friends and I'm happy for them. There are others that I probably never would have in my life unless we worked together at one point."

Today, she's 32 and, like many Hills alumni, runs a lifestyle / wellness site.

2. The Unit — 'Jersey Shore'

the unite jersey shore
Source: MTV, Instagram

Because one drunken fist-pumper wasn't enough, in season 5 of Jersey Shore, viewers were introduced to Jonny "The Unit" Manfre. He was Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's childhood bestie who once got into a drunken fight with Snooki and later was arrested for drugs. Jonny has since left reality TV behind, and it's unclear what he's been up to all this time. His Instagram and Facebook haven't been updated in over a year, so who knows?

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3. Dwight Eubanks — 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'

dwight eubanks
Source: Getty Images, Instagram

As Nene Leakes' sassy stylist and event planner, Dwight often stole the scene when he appeared on the show during the first three seasons. His wise cracks and tendency to throw gaudy events made him a fan favorite until he became enemies with his former bestie. You may remember the scene where Nene chased him through a party, bellowing, "You gave Greg [Leakes] $10,000??!" When Dwight switched allegiances to Nene's rival, Phaedra Parks, it was pretty much a wrap for him.

Despite all the drama, Dwight enjoyed his time on the show and has even patched things up with Nene. “Atlanta Housewives has given me celebrity,” he told Bravo. “I can’t even walk down the street without someone wanting to chat or get my autograph. I have had great fun being on the show."

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4. Bobby Trendy — 'The Anna Nicole Show'

bobby trendy
Source: E!, Instagram

The Anna Nicole Show was a hot mess for several reasons, but Bobby, her flamboyant interior designer, definitely took the cake. On the show, he tried making over Anna's pink-themed bedroom by stapling feathers to a headboard and buying cheap pillows. Anna hated it so much, she destroyed his designs and painted "Bobby sux" on the wall. 

Today, Bobby is 39 and still an interior designer, at least judging from his official website, which looks like it came straight out of 2007. His Instagram demonstrates his eccentric sense of fashion hasn't changed, either.

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5. Sister Patterson — 'Flavor of Love,' 'I Love New York'

sister patterson
Source: VH1

When Sister Patterson made her reality TV debut on Flavor of Love, it was hard to forget her...or her hairline. As the mother of Tiffany "New York" Pollard, Sister Patterson's role was to angrily insult men she felt weren't worthy of her daughter. Her antics were so over the top, many questioned if she was really Tiffany's mother or just an actress. 

In 2016, she returned to reality TV when she appeared on Family Therapy alongside her daughter and later on Steve Harvey's talk show where the host told her she needed to be "committed to a padded room with no water."

Today, she's 57 and has her Instagram stubbornly set to private. Although it's unclear what she does outside of TV, you can bet she's not too far behind her daughter.

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6. Malika Haqq — 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians'

kuwtk sidekick
Source: E!, Getty Images

Unlike others on this list, Malika is hardly "forgotten." She still appears on Keeping With the Kardashians and is still Khloé Kardashian's designated BFF. If you're wondering what she does outside the show, it's probably no surprise that she's in the makeup industry. But to be honest, being a best friend of a Kardashian-Jenner is a job title in and of itself, so we don't blame her.

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7. Brad Goreski — 'The Rachel Zoe Project'

brad rachel zoe project
Source: Getty Images

Back in 2010, Brad was an unknown when he appeared on The Rachel Zoe Project as Rachel's assistant. Unfortunately, like many sidekicks on this list, he had a falling out with the main star and decided to go solo. While Zoe accused him of stealing her clients, Brad started his own reality show, It's a Brad, Brad World.

Since then, Brad continues to be a successful celebrity stylist and has nothing but positive things to say about his time on the show. "It was such an incredible period in my life," he told Entertainment Weekly. "As stressful and crazy as it could be, [Zoe's] a really nice person and she’s really talented."

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8. Sweetie — 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'

sweetie real housewives
Source: Bravo, Instagram

Although she was only Kim Zolciak's assistant, it was impossible to forget her name (since Kim was always screaming it as she demanded for Sweetie to get her wine and carry her bags). However, things got awkward when Nene accused Kim of treating her assistant like a "slave." Fans ran with it and started the hashtag #FreeSweetie. In the end, Sweetie and Kim parted ways in 2012 when she was fired. Although fans were shocked to see her go, Sweetie said there were no hard feelings.

Since then, Sweetie got married and... yeah, that's about it (that we can find, anyway).

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9. Tori Rhyne — 'Teen Mom 2'

tori teen mom

As Jenelle Evans' on-again, off-again pal, Tori has an infamous reputation, from stealing Jenelle's boyfriend to getting kicked out of her bestie's wedding. These days, she's been quiet on social media; her Twitter hasn't been updated since 2015 and her Instagram has been deleted. The radio silence may have something to do with her recent incarceration — she's currently finishing up a jail sentence for a 2016 DWI arrest.

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10. Kim G — 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey'

kim g real housewives
Source: Bravo, Twitter

Considering she was friends with Danielle Staub, the most hated housewife in the show, Kim's time on the show was brief. She remedied this by being the most outrageous "friend of" housewife in the franchise, even turning on her former bestie while chasing her through a restaurant screaming, "You have no friends!" Despite her antics, Kim wasn't invited back to the show. 

Since then, Kim has struggled with her life post-reality TV. "My husband told me to quit the show and change my name or he would divorce me. Of course, he divorced me anyway," Kim told Celebrity Magnet in 2012. "I became very isolated. Everybody had the wrong idea about me."

In addition to briefly dating Michael Lohan (yep, Lindsay Lohan's dad), Kim has been busy remodeling her house, tweeting incessantly about The Real Housewives, and bad-mouthing Danielle, of course.

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11. Destin & Rachel — 'Millionaire Matchmaker'

millionaire matchmaker
Source: Bravo, Instagram

Although Patti Stanger was the star of Millionaire Matchmaker, the show wouldn't be what it was without help from her assistants, Rachel Federoff and Destin Pfaff. So it was a bit of a shock when the married couple left the show and were replaced with newer matchmakers.

"Well, honestly, we hated to leave," Rachel told The Daily Dish. "We loved Bravo and we loved the show and everything about it. It just was time for us to take a bit of a break. The clients can be very draining, so it's a lot of babysitting and hand holding and craziness that goes with it. And so we just needed a big break to breath a bit."

Today, the couple have two kids and run their own matchmaking service.

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12. Megan Nelson — 'Teen Mom 2'

megan nelson teen mom
Source: MTV, Instagram

She appeared a lot in the first season of Teen Mom 2 as Chelsea Houska's roommate and best friend. When Chelsea got back together with her baby daddy Adam Lind, the friends had a falling out and Megan dramatically moved out of the house and off the show.

Today, she's a mom of two and a beautician.

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