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Source: E!

7 Times Reality TV Stars Embarrassed Themselves in Other Countries


When a show starts to get boring, the easiest way to spice things up is to round up the cast and have them go on vacation. That's why so many reality TV franchises have yearly trips abroad. Without that, we wouldn't have Kim Kardashian screaming about her diamond earring in Bora Bora or Kenya Moore announcing she's "Gone With the Wind fabulous" during an epic fight in Anguilla. Although the moments are memorable, it's probably not easy being a local when a bunch of loud Americans comes bustling into their town — especially when those tourists aren't on their best overseas behavior. Below, a few of those moments that still make us cringe.

1. 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'

Source: Bravo

Every Real Housewives franchise goes on an annual trip abroad, and it's always a hot mess. The trips are orchestrated for maximum drama, and they always end with a drunken shouting match back at the hotel. So it's no surprise Bravo continues paying for these elaborate vacations when the wives don't appear to care much about the culture or country they're visiting. 

Recently, The Real Housewives of Atlanta went to Tokyo for Eva Marcille's bachelorette party. Any average person would be ecstatic for a free trip to Japan, but not housewife Kandi Burress. When the ladies went to a traditional sushi counter for lunch, she refused to eat the food.

"I don’t know what this is," she said on the episode. “I’m letting y’all know now, y’all cannot feed this to me and then talk about how y’all already ate lunch. I’m going to have to order something else.” Even later, when the ladies went to an upscale restaurant, Kandi still refused to eat. It wasn't until the wives made a pit-stop at McDonald's that she finally ate. "Praise Him!" she rejoiced. "Finally, some real food!"

McDonald's is real food now? Huh.