We Can't Stop Laughing At This Basic Cookbook A Girl Wrote For Her 'Cave Man' Brother

Mark Pygas - Author

Nov. 19 2020, Updated 9:55 p.m. ET

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It's time to face facts: some people just aren't natural cooks. Maybe the fancy photos your friends post on Instagram of summer salads and chicken kabobs look easy enough to replicate, but actually executing the task is a different story.  

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And reading typical cookbooks and recipes online isn't always helpful. Those instructions assume you have some basic skills in the kitchen and know how to work an oven... Not everyone is at that level.  

So, one smartass little sister decided to help out her culinarily-challenged brother with a step-by-step, sassy, overly honest cookbook to prepare him for adulthood. 

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Imgurian tacopartyinyourmouth posted pictures of the book she wrote for her older brother, Warren. And it does not disappoint. 

The title reads, "Recipes You Absolutely Can't F--k Up" by "The best godd--ned sister in the whole mother f--king world."

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The book actually has an impressive selection of meals for sophisticated adults. 

We think Martha Stewart and Julia Child would approve. Hopefully, the kitchen-challenged brother will soon master:

Chicken soup so simple a caveman can do it, Leftover chicken salad so your lazy ass can make two meals at once, Shepherd’s pie that we all know will be eaten in one sitting, Swedish meat (space)balls, Indian chicken curry (not the ‘night on the toilet’ kind), Meatloaf, Cream cheese spaghetti bake, Not so Kentucky Fried Chicken, Teriyaki chicken, Beef Stroganoff, Loaded baked potato soup, and Honey soy pork chops. 

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Though this little sis certainly had a lot of fun at her brother's expense, she also reminds him that cooking is all about "experimentation" and encourages him to "find [his] own rhythm in the kitchen and make [his] own style."

We certainly hope this all worked out for Warren. He may not have any life skills, but he's got one hell of a sister. 

We're looking forward to updates on his cooking.  

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