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Move Over Turducken, PIECAKEN Is The Dish To Beat This Thanksgiving



What is it with humans and stuffing things into other things? Wait--that sounds dirty. Don't answer that. 

Instead, feast your eyes upon the latest homage to gluttony our species has created....PIECAKEN

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It is a PIE BAKED INSIDE A CAKE. Yes, an entire pie. Yes, the combinations are virtually endless. Yes, your mind is blown right now. 

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Now mop up that drool and keep reading about this thing you can't believe you haven't heard of already.

Much like its meaty namesake, the Turducken, Piecaken is horrifying to some, and amazing to others. 

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Regardless of your personal opinion, Piecaken is here to change everything you thought you knew about dessert. 

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It also comes in cupcake form!!!!

For the hardcore fan, Piecaken is all about the best of both worlds. 


Why choose between pie or cake when you can eat pie AND cake in the same bite? 


And if you think that this dessert-ception can only be accomplished by someone with years of technical baking experience, THINK AGAIN. 

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Making your very own Piecaken is surprisingly simple. 

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All it requires are a couple of cake pans... a couple of pies (store bought ones work just fine) and a whole buttload of frosting. In fact, here's a tutorial to get you started.

First, you make a pie. This food blogger suggests a mixed berry pie, aka strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry. Then, you bake the pie (this may seem obvious, but piecaken is brand new territory for most bakers). 

Follow that up by making the cake batter (chocolate works well with a mixed berry pie). Then "impregnate" the cake by layering cake batter, then the pie, then another layer of batter. Bake it once more for the perfect two-desserts-in-one combo!

There. Doesn't your life feel more complete now? Happy Piecaken-ing! We'd be happy to taste test.

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