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Pizza Hut Debuts Mac 'N' Cheese Pizza And People's Mouths Are Already Watering

By Mustafa Gatollari

Splicing together foods is an art form.  Some are done by the greatest culinary minds, while others are done by the bravest of souls.  Some are very gross but every person has different taste.  I will still always cringe when I see people mix mustard and mayonaisse.  Ugh, gross.  

Sometimes, these combinations are pretty heavenly.  I mean, let me meet the first person who dropped some jelly in their peanut butter sandwich.  If there are two foods that even the pickiest eaters will absolutely love, no matter their age, it's macaroni and cheese and pizza.  These two are pretty much staples for every kid growing up.  Not many kids dislike either, let alone both.  So why not put them together?

I knew kids in elementary school who would almost exclusively eat one or the other, and how can you blame them? They're friggin' delicious.

And although your neighborhood pizzeria has probably featured penne vodka and baked ziti slices, most mainstream pizza chains haven't gotten too crazy with their 'za offerings when it comes to combining slices with noodles. That is, until now.