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Restaurants With Servers So Awesome We Wouldn't Mind Waiting For A Table



Although we mainly go out to eat to taste some incredible food, a good experience at that restaurant from a considerate wait staff only makes the dishes taste that much better.

You could go to the most basic, run-of-the-mill restaurant, and if the servers are friendly with a great vibe, your perception of a sub-par meal will change to be way more favorable.

It's almost as if a great waitstaff is like beer goggles, but for food.

There are some servers who go above and beyond the call of duty in making your experience a special one. Whether it's cracking a joke, using a bit of personal information about an occasion you're celebrating to make your dining experience unique, or just being downright thoughtful, an awesome waiter can turn a good dinner into a great one.

Like Twitter user Scott (@NHLFlyera) who went out with his girlfriend to celebrate her recovery from a collapsed lung.

While booking the reservation, he brought up the fact that his main squeeze was given the all clear after her final post-op surgery, but didn't expect they would have this punderful dessert waiting for her.

Just gaze upon this beauty.

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People couldn't believe the level of detail that went into the raspberry sauce lung drawing.

Employees of the restaurant, Seasons Cafe in Knoxville, Tennessee even hopped on Twitter to rep where they work and give props to their fellow co-workers who put something so awesome together for the couple.

If Twitter is any indication, you don't need to look that far to find yourself an awesome waiter or waitress.

Something that Kyle Baldinger discovered first hand when he decided to take Elan Gale's challenge and get a free dessert by pretending to be stood up by his date.

It's about this time when things started to get real.

If there was an Oscar for simultaneous acting and live-tweeting, then Baldinger would definitely be in the running for it. But notice how his waiter shows genuine concern and sincerity throughout his live-tweeting.

His follow-up calls were just masterful.

He succeeded in making everyone aware of his situation and feeling sorry for him, including the wait staff.

The waiter tried making an excuse for him to keep his hopes up. This guy's great.

Then, he planned his exit, and then execute the stroke that would get him a free dessert.

Oh man, now I feel bad for his server.

This is when he started to milk every minute of the sad story he created.

Well he ultimately didn't get a free dessert, but he did manage to not pay for his meal. THIS WAITER HAS A HEART OF GOLD.

This same nice, thoughtful server, the real hero of this story who stood by Baldinger, was compensated for his goodwill, you'll be happy to know.

And then there are waiters and waitresses who are just great at finding an opportunity to crack their customers up. Like this server.

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