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The 'Hot Felon' Is Out Of Prison, Modeling, And Living A Better Life Than You Are



Our worlds changed forever in June of 2014 when the Stockton Police Department took to Facebook to post information on a recent arrest ( in an attempt to keep local residents in the know about crime in the area). That's when the world first saw the mugshot of Jeremy Meeks, the most stunning, firearm-possessing man ever created. 

The mugshot, which looked like a high fashion ad campaign, racked up over 100,000 likes and Meeks became a household name within weeks. 

It seems as though his viral fame has been the gift that keeps on giving. 

In the nine months since his release from prison, Meeks has (clearly) been preparing for his upcoming modeling career.

He landed a modeling contract way back when he first went viral and, if his Instagram is any indication, he's already booked a few jobs and built up quite the portfolio.

As you can see, his mugshot was not a fluke. 

Those piercing blue eyes and out-of-this-world bone structure were not simply the result of stellar police photography. 

But modeling isn't the only new development in Meeks' life. He appears to be living in California — in a mansion. 

Sure, these new digs could be a set for a photo shoot — but he was posting poolside photos this summer....

....While under house arrest. 

Our favorite former felon also seems to be rocking new transportation — a Maserati, specifically. 

The car began making appearances on Meeks' Instagram over the summer and has since gotten some actual road time, thanks to the end of his house arrest. 

Clearly, things are going well for Meeks. 

The fame and fortunate hasn't all gone to Meeks' (beautiful) head. It looks like he's still prioritizing time with his family. 

And, no surprise here, they're a damn beautiful family. 

We wish him all the best in this new phase of life. And we're only mildly resentful and jealous. 

What do we have to do to score a house and care like that?

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