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These Two Cities Have The Worst Drivers In America

These Two Cities Have The Worst Drivers In America
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1 year ago

The only thing I dislike about driving is other drivers.

I know it's a wildly arrogant and condescending thing to say. Of course I think I'm the only good driver on the road and that everyone else is an idiot because my commuting needs come before everyone else, right?

But for the most part I obey the rules of the road. I use my turn signals, I let drivers pass me, I stop for pedestrians and stop signs and don't speed through residential areas like some kind of madman.

I'm not perfect. I swerve erratically to dodge pot holes and I've definitely held up traffic trying to make a right turn when I've been stuck in the left on more than one occasion. But I swear I'm trying to get better. There are some people, however, who are irredeemably bad drivers.

And as it turns out, there are two cities in America with a higher concentration of crappy drivers than any other in the country.

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According to EverQuote, Pittsburgh is one of two cities that can proudly boast the worst drivers in America.

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The study employed the EverRide monitoring app, which defined "good" or "bad" driving across five categories: phone use, speeding, acceleration, braking, and turning. After 11 months of data gathering and monitoring the behavior of 150,000 drivers, Pittsburgh came out on the bottom.

A combination of excessive speeding and cell phone use is what sealed the deal for citizens in the Steelers Nation, but they're not alone when it comes to crappy motorists.

New York City shares that distinction as well. If you've ever had the misfortune of driving in Manhattan, then you'll know that the data in the study is entirely accurate.

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The best drivers in the nation? Minneapolis and St. Paul, St. Louis, and Portland, Oregon took the top spots.

On average, drivers received a "79" out of "100" when it came to perfect driving habits nationwide.

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