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35 Common Items With Amazing Features You Never Knew Existed


I remember back when I was in high school and my friend and I discovered that we could switch our cell phones by simply swapping out our sim cards. This was back in the day before everyone was texting like crazy, back before picture messaging, when the only real private information you had on your phone was your Snake score.

And even though it wasn't necessarily hidden information or a "hack" per se, we were stoked to discover that everyone in our grade could try out a new phone for a week or so if they got bored of their handset. So we did, and it was pretty sweet.

When you find out that something you bought has a feature you never knew about before, it's almost like you're getting that thing for the first time all over again. Sure, you might not use the secret feature all that much, but it's nice to know that it's there. These folks in a recent AskReddit post were more than happy to share some of the "hidden" features in popular everyday items.

1. This is definitely a feature tons of people are not privy to.

Source: istock
Public toilets have handles that let you flush them

- manuman109

I'd say these people were raised in barns but honestly I feel like even animals would flush if they knew what flushing was.