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Source: istock

6 Hangover Cures You Need to Try on Your Next Night Out

By Pippa Raga

Nothing can make you regret the long evening of fun you enjoyed last night like this morning's nasty hangover. Whether you woke up nauseous, with the spins, or straight-up cannot make it out of bed so you've been scrolling through articles on your phone incessantly — we're about to get you up and running so you can lead a productive day and, who knows, maybe even build up the wherewithal to go out again tonight. 

It's safe to say that hangovers have been around for just as long as alcohol. And while my preferred day-after methodology involves scarfing down a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, overcompensating for my lethargy by wearing bright lipstick, then putting headphones in to ensure minimal co-worker contact, people have banded together online to share the cures that have worked for them. 

Because hangovers come in all shapes and sizes, and it's worth knowing the right ammo to deal with each and every one.