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Deaf People with Cochlear Implants Share Sounds They Heard for the First Time and It Will Melt Your Heart


Remember the blind man who was able to see his wife for the first time, thanks to special glasses? This is kind of like that, but a little bit different. 

For most of us who live with the privilege of having our senses intact, there is so much going on in the world around us that we constantly take for granted. Like, have you ever thought that the sound of changing channels on a remote control can be really distressing and shrill to people who've never heard it before? I hardly even notice my remote makes a noise, that's how used to the tiny clicks I've become.

And I definitely never considered that people who are deaf or hard of hearing might not see any problem with letting a loud one rip in public — or might not even know what snoring is — until someone asked this fascinating question: "Deaf people of reddit: What are some things you thought were silent, but later found out weren’t?"

From people who've received cochlear implants to families of the hearing-impaired, the internet is flocking to share interesting tidbits about the cacophonies of everyday sounds we take for granted.

Read on for 20 stories that will change the way you think about sound.

1. Doorbells

Source: istock
My best friend is deaf. He also has two older brothers who are deaf. When they were growing up, the two older brothers thought their mom was magic because whenever she went to the front door, someone was always outside! It's like she could summon someone there whenever she wanted! The two brothers would try everything, day after day, to try and see if they could make someone appear at the front door. Their mom asked them why they were messing with the front door so much and they said that they are trying to figure out how she makes people appear at the front door! They begged her to show them the trick of how she did it! She opened the front door, took them outside, turned them around and said, "See this button? That's called a doorbell. When someone comes to the door, they push it and it makes a sound inside. Then I go to the door and let them in."
It was the biggest mind-blowing moment for them and it's a classic story in their family.

- dbfolsom