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Source: getty

The More You Hang out with Your Mom, the Longer She'll Live

By Mustafa Gatollari

If your mom is constantly pestering you about not finding enough time to spend with her, then she might be on to something. She could subconsciously know doing so will save her life. Medical professionals will tell you illness isn't just physical: mental state plays a huge role in one's overall health.

This means that loneliness can be a key factor, especially in one's old age, as to whether a person can recover from surgeries or sicknesses. Think of that horrible scene at the end of Star Wars: Episode III, when Padme dies of "a broken heart" once Anakin abandons her. It's kind of like that, just not utterly moronic.

Which brings us to a study conducted by the University of California, San Francisco. They polled 1,600 adults with an average age of 71 to see if loneliness played a part in their mortality rates. They set control groups for socioeconomic standing, access to healthcare, and overall health, but their findings were fairly conclusive: those who spent less time with loved ones had much higher mortality rates than those who did.