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A Nerd Tried Rewriting '50 Shades Of Grey' And It's Better Than The Real Thing



I still fail to see why 50 Shades Of Grey was so insanely popular. It's fairly timid stuff in terms of what's available on the internet, and most stuff on the internet has a better plot. Perhaps the best thing to come out of of it were the countless number of hilarious parody accounts that have sprung up.

One of them, 50 Nerds of Grey, is rewriting the book from the perspective of a nerd, and it's golden. 

Check out more of our favorites below:

"'It's so long!' she squealed 'I don't think it'll fit!'
'Sorry' he said 'It isn't easy saying what you want in 140 characters'"

"She threw him down, tied his hands and feet to the bed and leapt on top of his naked body.
It was then that they were asked to leave IKEA."

"His tongue explored the hole before probing deeper until she couldn't take any more.
'Would you just eat your donut already?'"

"'Smack that bottom!' she cried, bending over the table. 'Smack it hard!'
'I am' he said 'But the ketchup just won't come out'"

"He decided to take a chance. He got her out of jail, took her to a cheap hotel and gave her two hundred dollars . .
He loved Monopoly night."

"'Go on, touch it,' she whispered.
He obeyed and was shocked as it turned red.
He still hadn't got used to the Twitter Like button."

"She squirmed as he leaned over and whispered softly in her ear.
'Asdfg . . . hjkl . . . uiop.'
She loved it when he talked qwerty."

"When he told her he worked in IT support, it really turned her on.
Then it turned her off.
Then it turned her on again."

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