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This Guy Decided To 'Prank' His Girlfriend By Rubbing A Chilli On Her Tampons

This Guy Decided To 'Prank' His Girlfriend By Rubbing A Chilli On Her Tampons
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Updated 1 year ago

I'm always one for a good well-thought out prank, but sometimes they just end up going way too far. Case in point, internet personality and prankster Brad Holmes recently decided it'd be a good idea to rub a chili on his girlfriend's tampons. She was not very happy about the whole thing, as you can probably imagine... 

"Nan, my vagina's on fire." It's important to note though that this couple has a YouTube channel full of them pranking each other. This prank seems cruel enough that it might be fake, but who knows.

Commenters on Facebook didn't seem to be all that happy regardless... 


One even suggested an equally cruel way to one-up him...


 Holmes earned equal outrage last year after he decided to cut his girlfriends ponytail off while she was taking a nap... 

I thought my girlfriend needed a haircut. SAVAGE prank!

‎Posted by Brad Holmes on‎ 28 اپریل, 2016

Following that incident, Holmes wrote:

Let's have this right. I love Jen more then words can explain, I obviously expect people to think that I'm a prick for doing this, which is a fair comment. We're cool, happy as always. I've still got a lot of making up to do. But just to let everyone know I already booked her hair appointment for a brand weave tomorrow before doing this.We show people a different side. We have the stronger bond then 99% of most couples. Hense the reason we get away with doing so much on each other.
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