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This Guy's Hilariously Evil Revenge On His Neighbors Was So Perfect They Moved Out

This Guy's Hilariously Evil Revenge On His Neighbors Was So Perfect They Moved Out
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Updated 1 year ago

 We've all had neighbors at one time or another who totally sucked. Either noisy ones who wouldn't shut up and took your polite requests to keep the volume down as a personal challenge, or "touchy" downstairs neighbors who lived beneath you that took the very fact you decided to wake up in the middle of the night and walk to the kitchen as a personal affront.There are fewer things than a crappy neighbor that'll ruin your life at home, and Imgur user 2amandwideawake knows this crappy neighbor struggle all too well. He had the kind of downstairs neighbors that would bang on the ceiling for every little movement he made: 

Soooo backstory. My downstairs neighbors were dicks. To the point where even tip toeing around my apt past 10 PM would elicit banging on the ceiling (floor?) and eventually escalated to the cops being called b/c my washer machine was being run at 9 PM.

So then he decided to take matters into his own hands.


One can only imagine the horror the neighbors felt after listening to random scary music playing in the middle of the night from their bluetooth speaker.

He ended up taking the joke a little too far, however, as 10 days or so were too much for his neighbors to handle.


Even though he felt kind of bad for literally scaring them so much they moved out, the poster says that "he regrets nothing." And frankly, I can't blame him. At least he was able to solve his annoying neighbor problem. 

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