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15 Pet Owners Who Clearly Love Animals More Than Other People

15 Pet Owners Who Clearly Love Animals More Than Other People
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Updated 1 year ago

It's not uncommon to find people who really, really love their pets. And that's cool, I totally get that. There were two beagles under my care growing up that I used to love more than most people. I would sit down with them, play in the backyard or take them out to parks and their enthusiasm and happiness would light up my day because I knew that most people wouldn't feel anywhere near the gratitude and excitement that my puppers did.

However there are some people that are kind of borderline obsessive with their pets, showing them amounts of love that they would probably not even show another human being. 

Like this guy who sent flowers to his pet bulldog...
Or this girl who'd rather give her mom a grandpup than a grandchild.
This woman who not only tucks her dog into her own bed, but turns the heating blanket to his specific liking.
This dog who gets his own sofa and shearling hat.
These guinea pigs who had a Christmas tree all to themselves.
This dog who is definitely wearing the same kind of onesie I bought for my son.
This woman who lets her pug bite from the same slice of pizza as her.
This pup who has a stuffed animal that looks and dresses just like her.
This dog that's getting an intricate hair de-tangling treatment.
This dog who gets not one, but two pints of Haagen-Dazs.
This pup rocking costume jewelry.
This pooch flossing Burberry.

Dad hates when mom puts clothes on me but the girls love it ๐Ÿ˜

A photo posted by Tucker DelDebbio (@luckytuck12) on

This guinea pig who had mini pancakes and berries for breakfast.

Yes, these are mini pancakes. So. Spoiled.

A photo posted by @agirlnamedcorey on

This dog who was spending quality time with their owner while chilling in a park swing.

Luna the super spoiled girl... #luna #lunagirl #spoiledpet #daddysprincess #petlife #miamistyle #petsofmiami #parkdays

A video posted by Sachari Milian (Adanir) (@sachmilian) on

 In their owners' defense though, these pets are really, really cute. 

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