The 30 Songs You Never Want To Play At A Funeral



Here's a fun fact for you. According to Rolling Stone, "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" is the most popular song to play at funerals in the UK. Yes, the song from the 1979 Monty Python film beats out more traditional songs and every single hymn. 

I suppose we shouldn't judge someone's final request. Heck, I'd want that song played at my funeral, too. Lyrics like "you come from nothing, you go back to nothing, what have you lost ? Nothing!" really puts things in perspective and might just cheer up the crowd. 

Or maybe it won't. I don't know. I always have the wrong reaction to things.

Still, I think there are certain songs are no one would want you to play. And I'm sure pretty sure Twitter lined them up nicely in the surprisingly popular "Worst Songs To Play At A Funeral" hashtag trend, as seen excerpted below.

Her name is in lights and a gravestone..

Perfect for a burial at sea, right?

Get on out of that coffin!

Oh, the irony.

Well, he isn't aging anymore so...

I get it. Coffins are heavy.

I'll be waiting.


This one is much better than the last.


Oh, because he died from drowning. I get it.


Yeah. Decomposition will do that.

No one made a sound.

So you're saying he's coming back.

Are you just going to sit there silently?

Know the feeling.

Six feet under, to be exact.

Feels weird using the past tense..


Don't speak ill of the dead!

Too late!

Kind of mean, isn't it?

Protest your death!

She's with the angels now.

You'll get better..I hope?

Think of all the good things in your life... Oh.

What else could he do at this point?

If you really loved me, you would dig a massive grave.

Too real.

What song would you absolutely not want to be played at your funeral? Or could anything work with the right, snarky crowd of family and friends?

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