These Tinder Lines Won't Get You Dates, But They Will Get You Some Laughs



I'm on Tinder and, quite frankly, I find it confusing. Like, I know it is possible to start a conversation with someone if you swipe right, but I don't see that option anywhere. I just swipe right and swipe right and nothing ever seems to have it. 

I heard somewhere that you can only talk to someone if they swipe right on you, too. You'll get a notification saying that you have a "Match" or something. I don't know. That doesn't sound right to me. I've seen no evidence of that being the case. The only notifications I ever seem to get are asking me to rate Tinder. I normally give it a one. 

However, it seems like other people have figured out how to makes these matches happen and use it for mischief. Good for them. I'm hoping it works out. 

You seem nice but...


To be honest, none of us are.

Off to a great start!

I won't change for anyone.

I'll see myself out

Way to turn it around

This was a roller coaster

What kind of trouble do you plan on causing?

But it was as hot as this burn

Well, that escalated quickly.


Well, this went poorly.

I'm a monster!

Good luck on your search

I can't believe that worked.

This sounds bad, but I'd still take this offer.

That was... graphic.

They seem nearly perfect

How dare you want to do the same thing I want to do!

Nailed it

Well, does she?

She's in web design

Honesty pays off

She's married now

You blew it up!

Ask for cash

Okay. Thanks for sharing.

Big poppa is one cool chick

As lovely as America the Beautiful

If you can't get a date, at least get a laugh, am I right?

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