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These Tinder Lines Won't Get You Dates, But They Will Get You Some Laughs


I'm on Tinder and, quite frankly, I find it confusing. Like, I know it is possible to start a conversation with someone if you swipe right, but I don't see that option anywhere. I just swipe right and swipe right and nothing ever seems to have it. 

I heard somewhere that you can only talk to someone if they swipe right on you, too. You'll get a notification saying that you have a "Match" or something. I don't know. That doesn't sound right to me. I've seen no evidence of that being the case. The only notifications I ever seem to get are asking me to rate Tinder. I normally give it a one. 

However, it seems like other people have figured out how to makes these matches happen and use it for mischief. Good for them. I'm hoping it works out. 

You seem nice but...