This Twitter Trend of People Badly Explaining Their Jobs Will Leave You Guessing



I've had a lot of different jobs over the years. I've made children throw balls at each other. I've tied dogs to ropes and made them pee in more desirable spots. Hell, I've even had to put wood on top of metal so I could dump it on the proper dirt.

Those jobs may seem really unrelated, but they all have one thing in common. Someone gave me currency to perform them. Believe it or not, I would never have performed theses tasks if no one handed me paper that I could then turn into other things. In fact, I would as go as far as to say that if no one is giving you currency to performing tasks, then I think you should find a new task.

Maybe you'd be interested in one of these tasks?

Seems legit.

I'll take this dead tree, thanks!

Sounds like it is a lot of guesswork, huh?

Good question...

Do I have enough G's?

Does your family also have a desk?

Why don't you count all the birds?

Seems cruel.

This sounds miserable.

No one ever screams for the other strings.

They really like it when you use these terms.


Do you offer them cheese as well?

There is nothing sexual about this!


Can I speak to someone else?

I'll take one of your stinkiest, please.

Well, since you seemed to be friendly, here ya go!


But who are you, really?

They are enthralled, I'm sure.

Take that, rocks!

Why is everything so complicated?

Doesn't really sound like I even need you.

I don't think I'd hire you.

This is some good dirt.

How this horror movie villain get here?

Tell me more...

Count backwards...

Capitalism at work!

Save yourself, ya dumb cat!

Do I have good numbers?

Gimme, gimme!

This could be anything.

How would you badly explain your job?

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