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On National Siblings Day, Don't Say These Things To The Only Child In Your Life

By Aimee Lutkin

Happy National Siblings Day! I, an only child, recognize that having siblings is an experience worthy of celebration. Though I have no brothers and no sisters, it's obvious that those relationships are unique, wonderful, and have aided in your developmental growth. Now, could people with siblings stop being so rude to me?

Not only did you have a built-in BFF to torment on rainy weekends, you grew up thinking it was perfectly acceptable to insult children who don't. I don't know how sibling-kids were raised, but many of them have felt it was appropriate to make disparaging comments about my sibling-less status. "You don't seem like an only child," I'd hear from these rude boys and girls, who appeared to think I'd take that as a compliment. "You know what I mean," they'd continue, completely oblivious, "Only kids are selfish and self-centered. You never learn to share. But you're not like that!" Wow. Thanks.