These Hilariously Bad Knockoff Products Won't Fool Anyone But Will Make You Laugh



Whenever a new product successfully enters the marketplace, you better believe that competitors are going to try to ride its coat tails. In the best case scenario, this just means more competition, and in turn, a better product. But sometimes we get a rushed product that doesn't even try to hide the fact that it is a cheap knockoff. 

The thing I don't get is: Who are these knockoffs for? Who loves Pokemon so much they have to own all the merchandise, but not enough to know what Pokemon actually look like? There have to be a lot of people in the center of this venn diagram, because there are a lot of knockoffs out there and someone has to be supporting those manufacturers.

And, listen, if I am talking about you here, please feel free to explain it to me. 


To be fair, it doesn't look like a car.

Makes sense?

He's right next to Waldo.

Gotta collect them all!

Okay. I can see where you are coming from here.

Well, if he's a doctor...

They're not wrong...?

Definitely not a hedgehog. We can't stress that enough.

What if they were the same person?

Something tells me this isn't legit...

Thou shall not steal, remember?

How can we make the name grosser? I got it!

Sounds fancy!

This is just lazy.

You have to know this isn't right, right?

Not even close.

Copyright infringement aside, this looks pretty good.

Wow. They are really tapping into new markets, huh?

Mmm. No.

He is though!

If you want to disappoint your children...

Maybe check in with your English speaking friends before printing these...

Poor Sampsons.

Well, that is just plain wrong.

Well, you don't need to insult us.

Was Papa Smurf actually their dad? I thought that was just a title.

Gotta love Main Kid!

Doesn't seem quite right.

Not as cute I remember.

What kid doesn't want to be a murderer?

I don't think I could trust this towel.

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