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These Hilariously Bad Graphs Are More Confusing Than Helpful

These Hilariously Bad Graphs Are More Confusing Than Helpful
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1 year ago

I'm a visual learner, so I love a good graph. I find them to be the best way to simply get across a complicated idea. Well, most of the time I think that.

Sometimes the people who make graphs don't share my passion and end up making something that is just confusing. For example, don't use a pie graph to show progression. You are an adult. You should know that. 

I think seeing a bad graph is like seeing a dolphin on fire. I can't even imagine what events led here but I am still very angry and upset at the outcome. Don't need a graph to show that. 

I wonder if the person who made this will be going to college.
So the hot is less hot than the cold? Okay.
And people say college is pointless.
Speaking of trash...
How about some other colors?
I know you were trying to make a tree here, but at what cost?
Not all data needs graphs.
Someone just threw up on your graph.
How hard it is to make the line the right length? And why use a bar graph at all?
Don't print graphs on stairs.
You could have just written "everywhere."
Maybe don't use color if you can't print in color.
New York did poorly, I think.
Crazy how "not at all" is both the most and fewest.
Can't tell if this is from a marketing meeting or a science textbook.
That's it! I can't look at any more of these!
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