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These Hilariously Bad Graphs Are More Confusing Than Helpful

By Zachary Brenner

We as a nation have an obsession with data points. They've seeped into our meetings, e-mails, and now even our daily news casts, pelting us with useless information and going out of their way to reference facts and statistics that will in no way ever impact how we decide to go about our daily lives.

I'm a visual learner, so I love a good graph. I find them to be the best way to simply get across a complicated idea. Well, most of the time I think that.

Sometimes the people who make graphs don't share my passion and end up making something that is just confusing. For example, don't use a pie graph to show progression. You are an adult. You should know that. 

I think seeing a bad graph is like seeing a dolphin on fire. I can't even imagine what events led here but I am still very angry and upset at the outcome. Don't need a graph to show that.