These 29 Inanimate Objects With Faces Are Creeping Out The Internet



A few weeks ago, we wrote about a man with Pareidolia, a psychological phenomena where someone perceives a pattern where none exist. Oftentimes people see a face in what is actually just a tree or some rocks. 

Turns out, he wasn't the only one who does this. There are whole sections of the Internet where people post a picture and say, "Hey! This is a face, right?" Honestly, I'm not sure how you could see anything other than a face in some of these images. In some cases it is so prominent that it seems more likely that a house is really alive than just being the result of some glitch in the brain.

Have a look for yourself and tell me if these things are alive or not. 

1. The resemblance is uncanny.

2. I wonder what that other car is up to....

3. Just getting ready.

4. Hehehehe.

5. That's not a vegetable. That's a cartoon.

6. The ice queen cometh.

7. C'mon. Stay together!

8. So that's where you've been, Nigel.

9. Little help?

10. It's a ghost!

11. Don't turn us off! Don't turn us off! Don't turn us off!

12. Can't believe I have to deal with this.

13. Grow up, Washing Machine.

14. We all know Zoidberg would eat these shoes.

15. I don't eat things with faces.

16. He was once the Guardian of these woods.

17. Punk rock!

18. Don't even try it, pots!

19. That elephant is a water bender.

20. What are you hiding?

21. The light reveals darkness.

22. Bleh!

23. You want to get up when?

24. You call that lifting?

25. Who dares melt my fortress?

26. Don't wake him.

27. Om nom nom!

28. Thanks!

29. This is a happy home.

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