13 Fortune Cookies That Gave People Hilariously Bad Advice



Whenever I crack open some fortune cookies with friends after an especially MSG-filled meal, I love comparing our tiny strips of paper to see who got the best one. Mine usually tell me that love is lurking around every corner, which is a scary image for romance.

But oftentimes they're filled with some pseudo-intelligent-mystical sayings that really don't pertain to your life, or some generic "good advice" that really can't be interpreted in any harmful way.

And then every now and again, you get fortune cookies that give absolutely horrible advice.

Some people's cookies packed straight up insulting messages.

OK, this one isn't so bad (unless you're allergic to them).

Others were just a slap in the face.

This fortune cookie just straight up stole a quote without proper attribution.

Probably sounded better in the writer's head.

A horrible credo to live by.

Are you serious?!

This is one basically telling you to go away.

Wow, sarcastic are we?

I mean they're straight up trolling people at this point.

Bad, bad advice.

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