These 20 Petty Reasons People Were Fired Will Make You Grateful For Your Boss



One of the most stressful parts of being employed is knowing that any slip-up can cost you your job. Show up late? Fired. Have low sales numbers? Fired. Get into a full out brawl with your co-workers? Fired. 

You probably deserve to get fired for reasons listed above, but there are certainly some reasons that are completely without merit. For example, body odor. That seems like a ridiculous thing to get fired for, but I can almost guarantee you that it has happened. 

Here's another example: Everything on this list. 

1. How dare you not control air travel!

2. This is a dry office.

3. Bummer.

4. What about our customers who are allergic to big patties?

5. See? This is why you should take up smoking.

6. Do you have any idea how expensive paper clips are?

7. He was your responsibility.

8. He could have just been wearing a convincing beard.

9. No One Can Read This Now!

10. Save it for the bedroom.

11. There's got to be more to this story.

12. Hockey is serious business.

13. We want this company to fail.

14. It was a trap!

15. You had to know you wouldn't get away with this.

16. I'm sure he was very productive the rest of the day though.

17. I smell a lawsuit!

18. I'm sure your grandfather would understand.

19. We have a very strict dress code here.

20. You shouldn't use the emergency stop button if there is an emergency.

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