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23 Parents Reveal The Rudest Things Their Children Have Ever Said


Kids are like sponges in that they absorb anything and everything around them and store it, then later expel that knowledge and information out when they feel like it's time to wring their brains a bit. The problem is that the overwhelming majority of them still haven't developed that little internal filter that stops them from saying something that could traumatize the person on the receiving end and get everyone to throw shade at their parents for doing nothing more than pushing their kids to be honest at all times.

Often times, it's just a funny little thing that you write off, but every now and then it's catastrophic. We haven't been kids for so long that we can't even remember what it was like experiencing the world through their eyes. Sure, you might've known Mrs. Danvers next door for the better part of thirty years or so, and you might also know that Mr. Danvers passed away some time ago. She plays with your kid when you're out and he says high, but once the spawn starts putting words together, you become at risk of having them change your dynamic with her forever. Kids will comment on anything; wrinkles, where someone's husband/wife is, why they live alone, why they smell 'bad,' and pretty much anything and everything else you'd like to see someone else's kid inappropriately ask someone just to see the shocked look on their victim and the extremely panicked and apologetic one on their parents. While there are no formal studies that have been done on the subject, it wouldn't be all that surprising to find out that the reason our parents took embarrassing photos of us while we didn't know any better was to simply put us through the same shame we put them through once someone we don't want to weird out comes to visit.

Raising kids is the right kind of difficult because they're constantly testing their boundaries, which means they're also constantly testing your patience. And in the journey that is growing up, kids tend to say and do things that are a little outrageous...because a clear line hasn't been drawn yet for most social situations. Which, inevitably leads to them saying some rude as hell things. So these people hopped on Twitter to share their stories of the rudest things children have ever said.